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Water Filter

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Water Filter

Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch KAN58A40/08, KAN58A40/09, KAN58A40/10, KAN58A40/11, KAN58A40/12, KAN58A40/13, KAN58A40/14, KAN58A40/15, KAN58A40AU/06, KAN58A40AU/07, KAN58A40AU/08, KAN58A40AU/09, KAN58A40AU/10, KAN58A40AU/11, KAN58A40AU/12, KAN58A40AU/13, KAN58A40AU/14, KAN58A40GB/08, KAN58A40GB/09, KAN58A40GB/10, KAN58A40GB/11, KAN58A40GB/12, KAN58A40GB/13, KAN58A40GB/14, KAN58A40GB/15, KAN58A50/08, KAN58A50/09, KAN58A50/10, KAN58A50/11, KAN58A50/12, KAN58A50/13, KAN58A50/14, KAN58A50/15, KAN58A50AU/01, KAN58A50AU/02, KAN58A50AU/03, KAN58A50AU/04, KAN58A50AU/05, KAN58A50AU/06, KAN58A50AU/07, KAN58A50GB/02, KAN58A50GB/08, KAN58A50GB/09, KAN58A50GB/10, KAN58A50GB/11, KAN58A50GB/12, KAN58A50GB/13, KAN58A50GB/14, KAN58A50GB/15, KAN58A50NE/04, KAN58A50NE/05, KAN58A50NE/06, KAN58A50NE/07, KAN58A50NE/08, KAN58A50NE/09, KAN58A50NE/10, KAN58A50NE/11, KAN58A50NE/12, KAN58A55GB/01, KAN58A55GB/02, KAN58A55GB/03, KAN58A55GB/04, KAN58A55GB/05, KAN58A55GB/06, KAN58A70AU/06, KAN58A70AU/07, KAN58A70AU/08, KAN58A70AU/09, KAN58A70AU/10, KAN58A70AU/11, KAN58A70AU/12, KAN58A70AU/13, KAN58A70AU/14, KAN58A70NE/07, KAN58A70NE/08, KAN58A70NE/09, KAN58A70NE/10, KAN58A70NE/11, KAN58A70NE/12, KAN58A70NE/13, KAN58P90/08, KAN58P90/09, KAN58P90/10, KAN58P90/11, KAN58P90/12, KAN58P90/13, KAN58P90/14, KAN58P90/15, KAN60A45G/01, KAN60A45G/02, Neff K3940X6/02, K3940X6/03, K3940X6/05, K3940X6/06, K3940X6/07, K3940X6GB/02, K3940X6GB/03, K3940X6GB/04, K3940X6GB/05, K3940X6GB/06, K3940X6GB/07, K3940X6GB/08, K3940X6GB/09, K3940X6GB/10, K3950X6GB/05, K3950X6GB/06, K3950X6GB/07, K3950X6GB/08, K3950X6GB/09, K3950X6GB/10, K3950X6GB/11, K3970X6/06, K3970X6/07, K3970X6/08, K3970X6/09, K3970X6/10, K3970X6/11, K3970X6/12, K3970X6NE/01, K3970X6NE/02, K3970X6NE/03, K3970X6NE/04, K3970X6NE/05, K3990X6/05, K3990X6/06, K3990X6/07, K3990X6/08, K3990X6/09, K3990X6/10, K3990X6/11, K3990X6GB/05, K3990X6GB/06, K3990X7/02, K3990X7/03, K3990X7/04, K3990X7/05, K3990X7/06, K3990X7/07, K3990X7/08, K3990X7/09, K3990X7GB/01, K3990X7GB/02, K3990X7GB/03, K3990X7GB/04, K3990X7GB/05, K3990X7GB/06, K3990X7GB/07, K3990X7RU/03, K3990X7RU/04, Siemens KA58NA10/08, KA58NA10/09, KA58NA10/10, KA58NA10/11, KA58NA10/12, KA58NA10/13, KA58NA10/14, KA58NA10/15, KA58NA40/08, KA58NA40/09, KA58NA40/10, KA58NA40/11, KA58NA40/12, KA58NA40/13, KA58NA40/14, KA58NA40/15, KA58NA40GB/08, KA58NA40GB/09, KA58NA40GB/10, KA58NA40GB/11, KA58NA40GB/12, KA58NA40GB/13, KA58NA40GB/14, KA58NA50GB/08, KA58NA50GB/09, KA58NA50GB/10, KA58NA70/09, KA58NA70/10, KA58NA70/11, KA58NA70/12, KA58NA70/13, KA58NA70/14, KA58NA70/15, KA58NA70/16, KA58NA70/17, KA58NA70NE/06, KA58NA70NE/07, KA58NA70NE/08, KA58NA70NE/09, KA58NA70NE/10, KA58NA70NE/11, KA58NA70NE/12, KA58NA70NE/13, KA58NP90/08, KA58NP90/09, KA58NP90/10, KA58NP90/11, KA58NP90/12, KA58NP90/13, KA58NP90/14, KA58NP90/15, KA58NP90GB/08, KA58NP90GB/09, KA60NA15NE/03, KA60NA15NE/04, KA60NA15NE/05, KA60NA15NE/06, KA60NA15NE/07, KA60NA15NE/08, KA60NA15NE/09, KA60NA40NE/05, KA60NA40NE/06, KA60NA40NE/07, KA60NA40NE/08, KA60NA40NE/09, KA60NA40NE/10, KA60NA40NE/11, KA60NA40NE/12


-Genuine replacement water filter for your refrigeration.
-This can fit refrigerations sold by different manufacturers and brands.
-For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
-Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Package content:

1 x Water Filter
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your Water Filter for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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