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Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel

Price: £9.99

Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel 697410196! Compatible Replacement Upper Basket Wheel For Smeg Dishwasher. Ideal For Damage Or Old Upper Basket Wheel Looks New Again And Will Function Well. High Quality Spare Part Same Quality As The Original In Affordable Price. 100% Brand New And Durable Ensure Long Time Of Use. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Basket” And You’re Good To Go!

Fits Model:

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Smeg ADW659FI AP541.2 AP541.3 AP542 AP612CA AP641 AP641B AP642 AP642B APL12-1 APL12 APL1250ES APL1259ES APL961X AT-2000 BLV1155 BLV3755 BLV515 BLV531 BLV532 BLV535 BLV551 BLV552 CA01-1 CA01-2 CA01 CA12B CL6S.1 CL6S CL6W.1 CL6W CSU2001B CSU2001B1 CSU2001B2 CSU2001W CSU2001W1 CSU2001W2 CSU2001X CSU2001X2 DDW118.1 DDW118 DDW119.1 DDW119 DF1255W DF55 DF56 DF612WD DGSP60W DI21X DI65.1 DI65 DIL60 DIPTWIST1 DIPTWIST2 DW2000EB DW2000X DW2002EB DW2002X DW2004EB DW2004X DW606001 DW612HL3A DW659FI DW745L DW855L DW855T EL01 EL961X ELVI461B ELVI461N FDS55MS FM45-1FI FM60XI FN52B GI61020 GI61020E GI61020W GI72340W GI72341B GI72342S GI72343E GI72443E GS100.1 GS200 GS60.1CN GS60.2CN GS63221W GS63321W GS72040 GS72042 GSB6052E GSD641BS GSD641WS GSD641WS1 GSD641WS2 GSGP10-4B GSGP10.3B GSGP11-4S GSGP11-5S GSGP11.3S GSGP15-4W GSGP15-5W GSGP15.3W GSGP19-4E GSGP19-5E GSGP19.3E GSH08SRCS GSH08SRCW GSI641AL

Package Content:

1 X Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel
1 X Happy To Serve You Customer Service

If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With Your Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel For Whatever Reason, Simply Let Us Know And We’ll Refund You In Full.

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers’ Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

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