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Silicon Grease Spray 150ml

Price: £9.99

Silicone Grease Spray 150ml

This is a unique Silicone Spray which repels moisture and waterproofs all surfaces. Ideal for waterproofing tents and fabrics, lubricating switchgear and preventing arcing.
It is a non staining lubricant for clips, hinges, rubber bushes and plastic fittings making it ideal for use on cars. Inhibits corrosion and prevents ?flash over? in polluted atmosphere. This may be used as a dashboard protector. NOT to be used on computer keyboards.
Its unique difference to other silicone sprays is that it has a 60% silicone content, making it one of the highest quality silicone sprays you will find on the market. The spray can utilises a valve which enables the product to be used through 360 degrees so can be sprayed at any angle even upside down, very practical for use in awkward or tight situations. The use of the 360 degree valve also ensures more product is available to be used so less waste of product left in the can which can’t be expelled.

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1 x Silicon Grease Spray 150ml
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