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Silicon Adhesive High Temperature

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Silicon Adhesive High Temperature

This is a high quality, one component, high-temperature silione adhesive so called “liquid gasket”. The product cures under the influence of moisture contained in air. It is impossible to use it in rooms completely closed. IDEAL FOR: Motorization: sealing elements of electic and combustion engines (oil bowls, head blocks, drive bridges, gear boxes etc). Replaces gaskets made of paper, cardboard, rubber, teflon. Building technical devices: sealing joints where high resistance to high temperature is required, sealing pumps, filters, heating devices (boilers, stoves; heaters, cookers).

How To Use:
Dry and clean the surfaces designed for bonding from dust, grease and dirt Remove old loose seal. Stick masking tape on both sides of the surface tobe bonded to ensure equal edges. Apply small amount of the silicone Remove an excees of the adhesive usinng an oiled spatula. Remove the masking tape after 8 min. Remove the cured silicone with a knife or razor blade.

Package content:

1 x Silicon Adhesive High Temperature

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