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Pack Of 2 Upper Basket Wheels For Neff S4142N1GB/14 Dishwashers

Price: £19.99

Set Of 2 Premium Quality Upper Basket Wheels For Neff S4142N1GB/14 Dishwashers! Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.

Product Description:

Compatible Neff upper basket wheels for your Dishwasher
Pack of 2
Part Number: 424717

Fits the following models:

0730100650, 19841, 19851, 19940, 19950, 6801, 6830, 7800, 7861, 7871, BALAY, BOSCH, DE DIETRICH, FAGOR, HPTPOINT, KUPPERSBUSCH, LLOYDS NECKERMAN, NEFF, QUELLE-GRUPPE, S3130W0GB11, S3132F0GB/11, S3132F0GB01, S3132F0GB14, S3132W0GB11, S3132W0GB14, S3132W0GB19, S3132W0GB20, S4130F0GB/01, S4130F0GB/03, S4130F0GB/08, S4130F0GB/14, S4130F0GB/20, S4130F0GB21, S4130W0GB/01, S4130W0GB/03, S4130W0GB/14, S4130W0GB/20, S4130W0GB/21, S4132F0GB/11, S4132F0GB/14, S4132W0GB/11, S4132W0GB/14, S4133F0GB/14, S4133F0GB/21, S4133W0G14, S4133W0GB/14, S4133W0GB/20, S4133W0GB/21, S4140G0GB/01, S4140G0GB/03, S4140W0GB/03, S4140WGB01, S4142B1GB/20, S4142G0GB/11, S4142N1GB/14, S4142N1GB/20, S4142S1GB/20, S4142W1GB/14, S4142W1GB/20, S4152G0GB/08, S4152W09B, S4153B0GB/07, S4153G0GB/03, S4153W0GB/07, S4172W0GB/14, S4340X0GB/20, S4350X0GB/03, S4350X0GB/05, S4350X0GB/07, S4840X0GB/06, S5453X1GB/74, SE26T551GB/04, SGS43C12GB/15, SGV53E03GB/72, SIEMENS, SM23312GB, SMEG, SMI2011GB/15, SMI2011GB/20, SMI2012GB/11, SMI2012GB/13, SMI2012GB/15, SMI2012GB/20, SMI2022GB/03, SMI2031GB/14, SMI2031GB/20, SMI2032GB/14, SMI2032GB/20, SMI4040GB/14, SMI4042GB/14, SMI5022GB03, SMI5084GB/14, SMI5502GB/01, SMI5502GB/07, SMI7072GB/08, SMS2011GB/03, SMS2012GB/03, SMS2012GB/15, SMS2012GB/20, SMS3042GB/03, SMS4012GB/01, SMS4042GB/11, SMS4452GB/03,

Please Note: This part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and manufacturer’s names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

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