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Samsung Washing Machine Door Interlock

Price: £18.95

Samsung washing machine door interlock. Compatible replacement door interlock for samsung. Ideal for damage or old door interlock will function well. Made from high quality material same quality as the original in affordable price. Equivalent to part number: dc6400653a. 100% brand new and durable, ensure long time of use. Don’t wait for tomorrow buy now! Simply click “Add to basket” and you’re good to go.

Fits model:

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P1253 P1253GW P1253GS_XEU P1253WG_XEU P1453 P1453GW J1453SGS/XEU, WF7604NAWXEU , LG, Samsung B1045, WF7708N6W/XSA Series Door, WF8602NGS, WF8604NGS, WF8604NGW, WF9904RWE, WF8602NGW, WF8804RPZ, WD0804W8E, WD0804W8E/XEU, WD1704RJN2, WD0704REV/XEO, WD0704REV/XEO, WD0804W8E/XEO, WD0804W8E/XEO, WD8704DJF, WD8704DJF/XEO, WF0350N1V/YLE, WF0350N1V/YLE, WF0350N2N/YLE, WF0350N2N/YLE, WF0602WJV/XEO, WF0602WJV/XEO, WF0602WKE/XEO, WF0602WKE/XEO, WF0702WJV/XEO, WF0702WJV/XEO, WF0702WKN/XEO, WF0702WKN/XEO, WF0804X8E/XEO, WF0804X8E/XEO, WF0804Y8E/XEO, WF0804Y8E/XEO, WF0804Y8E/XEO, WF0804Y8E1/XEO, WF1114XBD, WF1114XBD/XEO, WF1124ZAC, WF1124ZAC/XEO, WF1600NHW/XEO, WF1600NHW/XEO, WF1602NHW/XEO, WF1602NHW/XEO, WF1602W5V/XEO, WF1602W5V/XEO, WF1700NHW/XEO, WF1700NHW/XEO, WF1702W5V/XEO, WF1702W5V/XEO, WF1802WFVS/XEO, WF1802WFVS/XEO, WF1802XEC/XEO,

Package content:

1 x door interlock
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your door interlock whatever reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full.

Please note: this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference.

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