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Rolson Diamond Sharpener Knives,Chisels,Machine Blades Set 50 x 150mm – 3 Pieces

Price: £19.99

Is there anything more frustrating than a blunt pair of scissors? For some reason there is something satisfying about cutting something with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife, maybe because the normal household struggles to find one that which actually perform this simple task. There have been many occasions that I have searched the house looking for a sharp pair of scissors and eventually give up after going through 3 blunt pairs. Do you struggle when cutting food with your knives when preparing dinner? I know I do. If this sounds familiar then why not take purchase of the Rolson 24257 3 piece diamond sharpening blade and sharpen all those blunt tools you have lying around.These diamond sharpening blades are an ideal set to use within the house for your kitchen utensils and knives or for professional use in the workshop on your chisels and other tools that need their blades sharpened every so often.This Rolson 24257 set of diamond sharpening blades consists of fine, medium and coarse blades which are colour coded to easily recognize which one you may need. They are suitable for the sharpening of scissors, chisels and knives etc. The overall dimensions are 50mm x 150mm. A small amount of water should be added before using.

Product Description:

  • Coarse grade is used first for most of sharpening process
  • Medium grade then refines the sharpened edge
  • Fine grade finishes and polishes the cutting edge for perfect results
  • Dimensions of diamond surfaces 150 x 50mm
  • Supplied as a set of 3

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