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Rings Mains Tester

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Rings Mains Tester

Quickly tests for faulty sockets, incorrect wiring etc.
Ideal for any domestic and commercial standard mains.
Easy to use, just plug in to any 240v Socket / Outlet and the lights on the front tell you the working condition.

Suitable for testing the wiring of a standard 13A socket outlet or
a 13A multisocket trailing lead that meets British Standard BS1363

Features :

-Used to verify basic integrity of connections in UK 13 amp plug sockets
-Detects: no earth, live & neutral reversed, no neutral, live & earth reversed, live fault
-Will not detect neutral and earth reversed (common in all of these types of testers)
-Will not verify earth loop impedence
-CE approved

Package content:

1 x Rings Mains Tester
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your Rings Mains Tester for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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