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Pocket Screwdriver 12 Inc

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Pocket Screwdriver 12 Inc

There are many different types of screwdriver in the world today, which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are all designed specifically so that each one fits a certain screw head, this makes finding the right one to fit your screw a bit frustrating. Don?t you wish you could save yourself precious time by finding the correct screwdriver instantly within your tool collection without tearing your house apart or forcing the wrong size screwdriver into the screw and damaging them? If this sounds like issues you may have then why not purchase the Rolson 12 in 1 pocket screwdriver, which allows you to quickly find and change the end of the screwdriver to match the screw.This tool is perfect to keep around the household or in anyone?s tool bag because you never know when you might need to screw/unscrew something. Its clever space saving design shaped like a pen makes it ideal to keep in a draw or in your pocket ready for when needed.The Rolson 28405 12 in 1 flexi pocket screwdriver is made from chrome vanadium and it includes 1 flexible screwdriver and 6 double end bits. These include Ph000 x slotted 1.5, Ph00 x slotted 2.0, PH0 x slotted 2.5, T7 x T15, T6 x T10, T4 x T8.


-Chrome vanadium
-1 flexible screwdriver
-6 double end bits
-Ph000 x slotted 1.5, Ph00 x slotted 2.0, Ph0 x slotted 2.5, T7 x T15, T6 x T10, T4 x T8
-Bit compartment in handle

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1 x Pocket Screwdriver 12 Inc
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