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Paint Brush 12mm 0.5

Price: £9.99

Paint Brush 12mm 0.5

All round brush that can complete any indoor task. Designed to be used with emulsion paint, once finished the liquiflo system allows the brush to be easily washed out and stored to be used again at a later date. The synthetic filament gives a fine finish and is so smooth the paint will run off easily. The hard plastic handle offers the durability required to be washed out time and time again and reused. The brush is suitable for use in all paints and varnishes. All Harris products are covered by the Harris lifetime guarantee. Harris has been manufacturing fine quality decorating products since 1928 and you can visit our website for decorating advice. www.harrisbrushes.com


-Filament coated in liquiflo technology for easy cleaning
-Made from 100% synthetic SRT filaments
-Tapered tips for a finer finish
-Easier than other brushes to clean and re-use
-Suitable for emulsion and gloss paints

Package content:

1 x Paint Brush 12mm 0.5
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If you are not completely satisfied with your Paint Brush for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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