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Oven Shelf Support Fixing Kit

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Oven Shelf Support Fixing Kit! Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.

Product Description:

  • Part number: 644828
  • This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Fits the following models:

HBN131120B/01, HBN131250B/02, HBN131560B/02, HBN13M550B/03, HBN131120B/03, HBN131250B/03, HBN131560B/03, HBN13M551B/01, HBN131150B/01, HBN131260B/01, HBN131561B/01, HBN13M560B/01, HBN131150B/02, HBN131260B/03, HBN13M220B/01, HBN13M560B/03, HBN131150B/03, HBN131520B/01, HBN13M250B/01, HBN13N520B/01, HBN131160B/03, HBN131520B/03, HBN13M250B/03, HBN13N550B/01, HBN131220B/01, HBN131520B/04, HBN13M260B/01, HBN13N550B/03, HBN131220B/03, HBN131550B/01, HBN13M520B/01, HBN13N551B/01, HBN131250A/01, HBN131550B/02, HBN13M520B/03, HBN13N560B/01, HBN131250B/01, HBN131560B/01, HBN13M550B/01, HBN430150J/01, HBN430520B/02, HBN43L550B/01, HBN43N550B/01, HBN560550B/03, HBN430550B/01, HBN43M520B/03, HBN43N551B/01, HBN560560B/02, HBN430550B/02, HBN43M550B/01, HBN43R550B/01, HBN56M560B/03, HBN430560B/02, HBN43M550B/03, HBN43R550B/02, HBN580650B/01, HBN430560B/03, HBN43M560B/01, HBN560550B/02, HBN580660B/01, HBN43K550B/03, HBN43M561B/01

Package Content:

1 x Oven Shelf Support Fixing Kit
1 X Friendly Customer Service

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers’ Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

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