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Multilube Water Dispersant 400ml

Price: £10.95

Multilube water dispersant 400ml. Suitable for cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction industry machinery, boats, generators and in the home. It loosens seized and rusted parts and penetrates and lubricates. Contains corrosion inhibitors providing long term protection against rust. 100% brand new and durable, ensure long time of use. Don’t wait for tomorrow buy now! Simply click “Add to basket” and you’re good to go.


– Commercial grade, lubricates, penetrates and protects.
– Instantly displaces water and damp moisture traps.
– 100% brand new and durable ensure long time of use.
– Lubricating working parts to increase efficiency.
– Guard against corrosion.

Package content:

1 x multilube water dispersant
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your dispersant for whatever reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full.

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