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Bosch Fridge Freezer Socket

Price: £5.95

Replacement Fridge Freezer Socket for Bosch and Siemens. 100% Brand New And Durable Ensure Long Time Of Use. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.


Replacement socket that fits various Bosch fridge freezers.
This can fit fridge freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
Manufacturer’s Code – 169301
Fits Bosch and Siemens Freezer

Suitable for the following appliances:

Neff G1524X4GB/01, G1524X4GB/02, G1524X7GB/01, G1524X7GB/02, G1524X7GB/03, K1514X0GB/31, K1514X0GB/32, K1514X0GB/41, K1514X0GB/42, K1514X0GB/43, K1514X0GB/44, K1514X1GB/01, K1514X1GB/02, K1514X7GB/01, K4204X4GB/01, K4204X4GB/02, K4204X4GB/03, K4204X6GB/01, K4204X6GB/02, K4204X6GB/03, K4204X7GB/01, K4204X7GB/02, K4205X3GB/01, K4205X3GB/02, K8524X4GB/01, K8524X4GB/02, K8524X4GB/03, K8524X6GB/01, K8524X6GB/02, K8524X6GB/03, K8524X7GB/01, K8524X7GB/02, K8524X7GB/03, K8525X0GB/31, K8525X1GB/01, K8525X1GB/02, K8525X3GB/01, K8614X3GB/01, Siemens KI17R74GB/31, KI17R74GB/41, KI25R470/01, KI25R470FF/01, KI25R470FF/02, KI32VV20GB/01, KI38VV00GB/01, KI38VV00GB/02, KI38VV00GB/03, KI38VV20GB/01, KI38VV20GB/02, KI38VV20GB/03, KI38VV20GB/04, KI38VV20GB/05, Bosch GID18A20GB/01, GID18A20GB/02, GID18A20GB/03, GID18V00GB/01, GID18V00GB/02, GIL11473GB/01, GIL1174GB/41, GIL1174GB/42, KIL2374GB/31, KIM25473GB/01, KIM25473GB/02, KIM25473GB/03, KIM2574GB/31, KIM26471GB/01, KIM2674GB/31, KIM29470GB/01, KIM29470GB/02, KIM29473GB/01, KIM29473GB/02, KIM29473GB/03, KIM2974GB/31, KIM2974GB/32, KIM3074GB/31, KIR17470GB/01, KIR17473GB/01, KIR17473GB/02, KIR1774GB/31, KIR1774GB/32, KIR1774GB/41, KIR1774GB/42, KIR1774GB/43, KIR1774GB/44, KIR18V00GB/01, KIR18V00GB/02, KIR18V20GB/01, KIR24V20GB/01, KIV32V00GB/01, KIV32V00GB/02, KIV32V01GB/01, KIV32V01GB/02, KIV32V20GB/01, KIV38V00GB/01, KIV38V00GB/02, KIV38V00GB/03, KIV38V01GB/01, KIV38V20GB/01, KIV38V20GB/02, KIV38V20GB/03, KIV38X22GB/01

Legal Disclaimer:

Please take appropriate safety precautions when undertaking repairs on all appliances. Some products are intended for use by appropriately trained professional/trade users. Repairs to gas cookers and gas hobs should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Package Content:

1 X Replacement Fridge Freezer Socket
1 X Friendly Customer Service

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers’ Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

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