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Foamclens Appliance Cleaner 400ml

Price: £9.99

Foamclens appliance cleaner 400ml. Advanced, produces a super-cling foam for maximum contact time on vertical surfaces. Effective, outperforms conventional cleaners and does not re-deposit oily soils on surfaces. Versatile, able to be used on any hard surface, including metal, concrete, plastic, rubber and painted surfaces. 100% brand new and durable, ensure long time of use. Don’t wait for tomorrow buy now! Simply click “Add to basket” and you’re good to go.


– Domestic appliance and hard surface cleaner.
– Anti-static, quick break foam.
– 100% brand new and durable ensure long time of use.
– Removes dirt and greasy fingermarks, 400ml.
– Safe non toxic with a neutral ph

Package content:

1 x foamclens appliance cleaner
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your foamclens appliance cleaner for whatever reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full.

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