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Evostik Impact Adhesive Boxed 30

Price: £6.99

Evostik Impact Adhesive Boxed 30g

Evo-stik impact adhesive a one part contact adhesive ideal for numerous jobs around the home and in the workshop.
Provides a strong bond on contact without the need for jigs, clamps or weights.
Suitable for bonding many types of substrates.

Features :

-High strength, multi purpose adhesive that bonds instantly on contact
-No need for clamping or support
-Ideal for bonding wood, MDF, laminate, metal, rigid PVC, cork, leather, rubber, glass, stone, ceramics and much more

Package content:

1 x Evostik Impact Adhesive Boxed 30g
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your Evostik Impact Adhesive Boxed for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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