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Electrolux Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Price: £29.99

Suitable for the following models- Electrolux DW125W, ESF 6250X, ESF 630 -W, ESF 630-W, ESF630 WEISS, ESF630 DEP, ESF630-W, ESF631W, ESF650, ESF650-W, ESF655 WEISS, ESF660 WEISS, ESF665 WEISS, ESF665 WEISS, ESF670K SCHWARZ, ESF675, ESF675 WEISS, ESF675 W, ESF685 WEISS, ESF685 WEISS, ESI 680-W, ESI6220 W, ESI6220 X, ESI6220W, ESI6220X, ESI6251X, ESI630-B, ESI630-W, ESI660 WEISS, ESI660K SCHWARZ, ESI661, ESI661 WEISS, ESI661K, ESI661K SCHWARZ, ESI661X, ESI661X EDELSTAHL, ESI680 CH, ESI680 NSFSDK, ESI680K CH, ESI680K NSFSDK, ESI680X, ESI680X CH, ESI680X NSFSDK, ESL 6225, ESL6225, ESL6226

Genuine Electrolux dishwasher Grey cutlery basket 1118228004
Genuine replacement cutlery basket for dishwasher.
This may be dishwasher fit a large number manufacturers and brands.
Safety procedures, Occassion, when all devices to repair. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
This is a genuine product.

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