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Cooker Oven Grill Pan Handle For Neff, Bosch, and Siemens

Price: £28.99

Cooker Oven Grill Pan Handle For Neff,Bosch, and Siemens! Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.

Product Description:

  • High quality hook and hold style grill pan handle with a reinforced handle for a strong and reliable grip on your grill pan
  • Fits most grill pans by Bosch, Neff & Siemens that use the wire style grill pan handle
  • Equivalent to part number – 055337

Fits models:

195306841(00), B1130B2GB/01, B1131W1/01, B1140S0GB/01, 195306842(00), B1130F0GB/01, B1140B1FF/01, B1140S0GB/02, 195306923(00), B1130F1GB/01, B1140B1GB/01, B1140S1GB/01, B1100B0GB/01, B1130F1GB/03, B1140F0GB/01, B1140W0GB/01, B1100W0GB/01, B1130W0GB/01, B1140F0GB/02, B1140W0GB/02, B1110B0GB/01, B1130W1GB/01, B1140F0GB/03, B1140W0GB/03, B1110W0GB/01, B1130W1GB/03, B1140N0GB/01, B1140W1FF/01, B1120B2GB/01, B1130W2GB/01, B1140N0GB/02, B1140W1GB/01, B1120F0GB/01, B1130W2GB/01, B1140N1GB/01, B1142N0GB/04, B1120W2GB/01, B1131B1/01, B1140N1GB/02, B1150G0GB/01, B1150G1GB/01, B1262W0GB/01, B1320B2GB/01, B1320W0GB/01, B1150G1GB/03, B1262W0GB/02, B1320B2GB/02, B1320W2GB/01, B1150G2GB/01, B1310B0GB/01, B1320B2GB/03, B1320W2GB/02, B1150W2GB/01, B1310N0GB/01, B1320N0GB/01, B1320W2GB/03, B1172G0GB/03, B1310N2GB/01, B1320N2GB/01, B1362N0GB/01, B1172G0GB/04, B1310W0GB/01, B1320N2GB/02, B1362N0GB/05, B1172W0GB/03, B1320A0GB/01, B1320N2GB/05, B1420B0GB/01, B1172W0GB/04, B1320A2GB/01, B1320S2GB/01, B1420B0GB/02, B1262S0GB/01, B1320A2GB/03, B1320S2GB/02, B1420B0GB/03, B1262S0GB/02, B1320B0GB/01, B1320S2GB/03, B1420B0GB/05, B1420W0GB/01, B1421N2GB/01, B1428C0GB/01, B1430C0GB/02, B1420W0GB/02, B1421N2GB/02, B1428C2GB/01, B1430H0GB/01, B1420W0GB/03, B1421N2GB/05, B1428K0GB/01, B1430H0GB/02, B1420W0GB/05, B1421S0GB/01, B1428K2GB/01,

Package Content:

1 X Cooker Oven Grill Pan Handle For Neff,Bosch, and Siemens
1 X Friendly Customer Service

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers’ Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

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