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Bostik Super Glue Easyflow 5GM

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Bostik Super Glue Easyflow 5GM

Bostik 5g Super Glue Easy Flow bottle The original liquid formula Ideal for larger applications Comes in a handy bottle with a re-sealable lid Suitable for sticking and fixing a wide variety of materials including wood, china, hard plastics, rubber, laminates &metals (will not work on soft plastics such as polythene & vinyl or absorbent surfaces such as fabric or paper; do not use to repair items which will hold hot liquids, food or drinks; not suitable for sticking rear view mirrors to windscreens) Gives a permanent strong bond in seconds 24 x 5g Easy flow bottle


-Gives a strong bond in seconds
-Effective on a range of surfaces including china, metals and laminates

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1 x Bostik Super Glue Easyflow 5GM
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