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Bosch Tassimo Descaler Tablets

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Bosch Tassimo Descaler Tablets Coffee Maker Machine Espresso Cleaner TCZ6004! 100% Brand New And Durable Ensure Long Time Of Use. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go!

Product Description:

– Replacement descaling tablets for your coffee maker.
– This can fit coffee makers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
– Removes limescale quickly and effectively from the appliance
– Protects the appliance from harmful calcium deposits
– Contents: 4 x tablets per pack (2 descaling treatments)

Fits the following models:

Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch TAS1202GB/01, TAS1202GB/02, TAS1204/01, TAS1204/02, TAS1204CH/01, TAS1204CH/02, TAS1204EE/01, TAS1204EE/02, TAS1204GB/01, TAS1204GB/02, TAS2001/01, TAS2001/02, TAS2001/03, TAS2001/04, TAS2001/05, TAS2001CH/01, TAS2001CH/02, TAS2001CH/03, TAS2001CH/04, TAS2001CH/05, TAS2001CH/06, TAS2001DE1/01, TAS2001EE/03, TAS2001EE/04, TAS2001EE/05, TAS2001EE/06, TAS2001GB/01, TAS2001GB/02, TAS2001GB/03, TAS2001GB/04, TAS2001GB/05, TAS2001GB/06, TAS2001KR/03, TAS2001KR/04, TAS2002GB/02, TAS2002GB/03, TAS2002GB/04, TAS2002GB/05, TAS2002GB/06, TAS4000GB/15, TAS4011/01, TAS4011/03, TAS4011/05, TAS4011/07, TAS4011/09, TAS4011/11, TAS4011/13, TAS4011/15, TAS4011AT1/01, TAS4011AT1/03, TAS4011AT1/05, TAS4011AT1/07, TAS4011AT1/09, TAS4011AT1/11, TAS4011AT1/13, TAS4011AT1/15, TAS4011CH/01, TAS4011CH/03, TAS4011CH/05, TAS4011CH/07, TAS4011CH/09, TAS4011CH/11, TAS4011CH/13, TAS4011CH/15, TAS4011CH1/01, TAS4011CH1/03, TAS4011CH1/05, TAS4011CH1/07, TAS4011DE/15, TAS4011DE1/01, TAS4011DE1/03, TAS4011DE1/05, TAS4011DE1/07, TAS4011DE1/09, TAS4011DE1/11, TAS4011DE1/13, TAS4011DE1/15, TAS4011DE2/07, TAS4011DE2/09, TAS4011DE2/11, TAS4011DE2/13, TAS4011DE2/15, TAS4011EE/09, TAS4011EE/11, TAS4011EE/13, TAS4011EE/15, TAS4011ES1/05, TAS4011ES1/07, TAS4011ES1/09, TAS4011ES1/11, TAS4011ES1/15, TAS4011FR1/01, TAS4011FR1/03, TAS4011FR1/05, TAS4011FR1/07, TAS4011FR2/05, TAS4011FR2/07, TAS4011FR2/09, TAS4011FR2/11, TAS4011FR2/13, TAS4011FR2/15, TAS4011GB/01, TAS4011GB/03, TAS4011GB/05, TAS4011GB/07, TAS4011GB/09, TAS4011GB/11, TAS4011GB/13, TAS4011GB/15, TAS4011MILKA00, TAS4012GB/01, TAS4012GB/03, TAS4012GB/05, TAS4012GB/07,

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