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Bosch Neff Siemens Fridge Shelf Support

Price: £9.99

Compatible replacement fridge shelf support. Equivalent to part number: bsh165789. Bosch hbn, kge, kgu series, de dietrich, siemens, neff fridge freezer glass shelf support seating. 100% brand new, durable and high quality ensure long time of use. Don?t wait for tomorrow buy now! Simply click ?add to basket? and you?re good to go.

Fits model:

BOSCH GUL1205GB/43, BOSCH HBN430550B/02, BOSCH KDR3700/01, BOSCH KGE3265GB/51, BOSCH KGS3500GB/51, BOSCH KGU2901GB/51, BOSCH KGU3201GB/05, BOSCH KGU3201GB/07, BOSCH KGV31421GB/02, BOSCH KGV31423GB/02, BOSCH KKU3201GB/05, BOSCH KUL1405GB/41, BOSCH KUR1505GB/41, BOSCH KUR15440GB/01, BOSCH KUR15440GB/02, BOSCH KUR15444GB/01, BOSCH KUR15A40GB/01, DE DIETRICH KULDDF1GB/01 , RG4143E5 , RG4143E6 , RG4143E61 , RG4143E7 , RG4143U5 , RG4143U6 , RG4144E1 , RG4144E10 , RG4144E20 , RG4150E5 , RG4150E6 , RG4150E61 , RG4150E7 , RG4150U5 , RG4150U6 , RG4150U61 , RG4150U7 , RG4150U70 , RG4151E1 , RG4151E20 , RG4151U10, SIEMENS KG32E90GB/01, SIEMENS KG32V490GB/01, SIEMENS KG32V493GB/05, SIEMENS KU15R443GB/01, NEFF K4316X0GB/43, NEFF K4316X1GB/01, NEFF K4316X1GB/02, NEFF K4316X4GB/01, NEFF MML35(00), NEFF S5443X1GB/29, NEFF S5946X0GB/10

Package content:

1 x Fridge shelf support
1 x Friendly customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your fridge shelf support for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

Please note: this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers? names and part numbers have been used for reference purpose only.

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