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Bosch Glass Removal Tool And Oven Light Bulb For Bosch Oven Cookers

Price: £21.99

A Glass removal tool and replacement bulb for your Bosch oven cooker! The bulb is 230-240v 40w, has an E14 SES screw fitting and is rated at 300c temperature tolerance. Includes Bosch tool for removing the glass lens cover from the inside of your oven. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.

Fits the following models:

B1341N1FG/01, B1341N1FG/02, B1341N1FG/03, B1341S0FG/02, B1341S1FG/01, B1341S1FG/02, B1341S1FG/03, B1341W0FG/02, B1341W1FG/01, B1341W1FG/02, B1341W1FG/03, B1361B0GB/01, B1361N0FG/01, B1361S0FG/01, B1361W0FG/01, B1361W0GB/01, B1362N0GB/01, B1362N0GB/05, B1441W0GB/05, B1442B0GB/10, B1524N0GB/01, B1524N0GB/03, B1524N0GB/10, B1524S0GB/01, B1524S0GB/03, B1524S0GB/10, B1561B0GB/01, B1561B0GB/04, B1561B1GB/04, B1561N0/01, B1561N0/04, B1561N0GB/01, B1561N0GB/04, B1561S0/01, B1561S0/04, B1561W0/01, B1561W0/04, B1561W0GB/01, B1561W0GB/04, B1561W1GB/04, B1564N0GB/01, B1564N0GB/03, B1564N0GB/10, B1564S0GB/01, B1564S0GB/03, B1564S0GB/10, B1583G1/02, B1583G1/07, B1583N0GB/01, B1583N1/02, B1583N1/07, B1583S1/02, B1583S1/07, B1583W0GB/01, B1583W1/02, B1583W1/07, B1593N0GB/07, B15H4A0/01, B15H4A0/03, B15H4A0/08, B15H4A0/10, B15H4N0/01, B15H4N0/03, B15H4N0/08, B15H4N0/10, B15H4N0GB/01, B15H4N0GB/03, B15H4N0GB/10, B1641A0GB/01, B1641A2GB/01, B1641N0GB/01, B1641N1GB/09, B1641N2GB/01, B1641N2GB/05, B1641S0GB/01, B1641S0GB/05, B1641S2GB/01, B1641W0GB/01, B1641W0GB/05, B1641W2GB/01, B1691N0GB/01, B1691N1GB/09, B1691N2GB/01, B1691N2GB/05, B1721N0GB/01, B1721N0GB/03, B1721N2GB/05, B1722N0/01, B1722N0/03, B1722N0/08, B1722N0/10, B1724N0GB/01, B1724N0GB/03, B1724N0GB/10, B1861N2GB/02, B1861N2GB/05, B1881A2/02, B1881A3/03, B1881N0GB/01, B1881N2/02, B1881N2/05, B1881N2GB/02, B1881N2GB/05, B1881N3/03, B8720N0/01, B8720N0/02, B8720N0/03,

Package Content:

1 X A Glass removal tool and replacement bulb for your Bosch oven cooker
1 X Friendly Customer Service

Please Note: This Part Is A Non Genuine Compatible Spare Part And The Manufacturers’ Names And Part Numbers Have Been Used For Reference Purposes Only.

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