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AEG Dishwasher Cutlery Basket Cage & Handle 6 Compartments

Price: £9.99

Genuine AEG Cutlery Basket Cage, Handle & Lid With 6 Compartments

Genuine original spare / replacement part

Fits models: FAV60870M, FAV65050IA, FAV65050IM, FAV80820W, FAV60750VI, FAV60750VI G, FAV60820W, FAV60830W, FAV60870M, FAV65050I-A, FAV65050I-B, FAV65050I-M, FAV65050I-W, FAV80820W, FAV86050VI, F40300, FAV40250I-D, FAV40250I-W, FAV40250ID, FAV40250IW, FAV40260I-D, FAV40260I-W, FAV40260ID, FAV40260IW, FAV40300W, FAV40310 -W, FAV40630 -W, FAV40630 W, FAV40630W, FAV40660I-M, FAV40660I-W, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV50500W, FAV5070 W, FAV50700W, FAV50730W, FAV50750IA, FAV50750ID, FAV50750IM, FAV50750IW, FAV50750VI, FAV60750VI, FAV60800, FAV60800W, FAV80800, FAV80800W, FAV80850IM, FAV80850IW, FAV80860I-M, FAV80860I-W, FAV80860IM, FAV80860IW, KOKDW3, FAV40630W, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV44050VI, FAV50610W, FAV50740W, FAV65050VI, FAV85050VI, F5050VI, FAV42300, FAV345 IGA, FAV345I-D GB, FAV345I-W GB, FAV348-W GB, FAV375 IGA, FAV375 UGA, FAV376W F/B, FAV442 SGA, FAV443W AUS, FAV445 IGA, FAV445I-D GB, FAV445I-W GB, FAV445W GB, FAV446-W GB, FAV447 SGA, FAV448 SGA, FAV448-D GB, FAV448-W GB, FAV448I-D GB, FAV448I-W GB, FAV474 SGA, FAV475 SGA, FAV545I-B GB, FAV545I-D GB, FAV545I-M GB, FAV545I-W GB, FAV545W GB, FAV546D GB, FAV546W GB, FAV573, FAV573 SGA, FAV575, FAV575 UGA, FAV575I-B, FAV575I-W, FAV578U-D CHDK, FAV625 IGA, FAV645W GB, FAV675 IGA, FAV675-W, FAV675I-B I, FAV675I-D GB, FAV675I-M GB, FAV675I-W UE, FAV675W KOR, FAV676 SGA, FAV676W AUS/NZ, FAV775 SGA, FAV775I-D GB, FAV775I-W GB, FAV775W GB, FAV865 IGA, FAV875I B AU, FAV875I W AU, FAV875I-B 3D GB, FAV875I-D 3D GB, FAV875I-GP-W, FAV875I-M 3D GB, FAV875I-W 3D GB, FAV875W ELEC.GB, FAV9479WIF, 911232218, F8081I-D, F8081I-W, F8081W, FAV3020-W GB, FAV3020ID, FAV3020IW, FAV3220 I-D, FAV3220 I-W, FAV4020-W GB, FAV4020I-D GB, FAV4020I-W GB, FAV4040-W, FAV4040-W GB, FAV4041-W GB, FAV4220 I D, FAV4220 I W, FAV5040 D, FAV5040 I B, FAV5040 I D, FAV5040 I M, FAV5040 I W, FAV5040 W, FAV5040-D GB, FAV5040-W GB, FAV5040I-B GB, FAV5040I-D GB, FAV5040I-M GB, FAV5040I-W GB, FAV5050-W, FAV5050I-W, FAV6040-W, FAV6040-W GB, FAV6069-W, FAV6069-W

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