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3-Turn Fan Oven Element (2000W)

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3-Turn Fan Oven Element (2000W)

Compatible Moffat MSF6; AEG B89092-4M; Electrolux EOS, ESO; Firenzi FSF650; John Lewis JLBIOS6; Zanussi ZB, ZC, ZOB660X, ZPB1260X Series 3-Turn Fan Oven Element (2000W)

Zanussi:ZBF260W, ZBQ865N, ZCM641X, ZOB343X, ZBF260X, ZBQ865W, ZOB1060X, ZOB383X, ZBF360B, ZBQ865X, ZOB142W, ZOB550WL, ZBF360W, ZBS1063X, ZOB142X, ZOB550XL, ZBF360X, ZBS863X, ZOB143X, ZOB551X, ZBF560X, ZCE640W, ZOB230N, ZOB555WL, ZBF569SW, ZCE641X, ZOB230W, ZOB555XL, ZBF569SX, ZCE650W, ZOB230X, ZOB580N, ZBP1165X, ZCE651X, ZOB330W, ZOB580X, ZBQ465X, ZCM640W, ZOB330X, ZOB660X, ZOB690X, ZPB1260X, ZYB460X, ZYB594X

Electrolux:EKC6707X, EOB51001X, EOB6710X-A, EOB966X, EKM6700X, EOB53001W, EOB6730X, EOC6800X, EKM6701X, EOB53001X, EOB6730X-A, EOS6700W, EKM70150X, EOB5700K, EOB6740X, EOS6700X, EOB31010W, EOB5700W, EOB6740X-A, ESOMSS, EOB31010X, EOB5700X, EOB6790X, ESOMWH, EOB51001K, EOB66714X, EOB6790X-A, ESOPMSS, EOB51001W, EOB6710X, EOB966W

Tricity Bendix:TBF610WH, TBF650WH, TBF650X, TBF690X, TBF610X

AEG:B89092-4M, B99698-5-M, BP7614000M, BP7714000M, B99697-5-M

Package content:

1 x 3-Turn Fan Oven Element (2000W)
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your 3-Turn Fan Oven Element (2000W) for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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