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20pc Utility Knife Blades

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20pc Utility Knife Blades

A set of knifes which can be used for almost all sort of works, It can be used as work shop cuttings wire cuttings etc.

It comes with a maual setinngs which can be used to set the length of the knife for easy and safe use.

It is not recommned for childerens below 18 yerars.

Features :

Blade Width:9mm
Weigth: 22g
Material: Stainless Steel w/ Rotary Knob,can lock strong firm.
Cutting Wallpaper,window films, caulking,art & craft application,etc.

Package content:

1 x 20pc Utility Knife Blades
1 x happy to serve you customer service

If you are not completely satisfied with your 20pc Utility Knife Blade set for whatever reason, simply let us know and we?ll refund you in full.

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